ORDER 2024


Notice is given that Bath and North East Somerset Council in exercise of its powers under section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 intends to make an order to the effect of which will be to close temporarily to cyclists, horse riders and motor vehicles and suspend all parking to vehicles, in the lengths of roads listed in Schedule 1.


This order is required because works are being or are proposed to be executed on or near the road to enable Bath & North East Somerset Council to carry out resurfacing and associated works from the 1st March 2024, for a maximum period of 18 Months. The road will only be restricted as and when traffic signs are in position and will not be affected for the whole of the period but only for so long as is necessary to execute the works. The anticipated timescale for each closure is listed in Schedule 1 below.


ALTERNATIVE ROUTE: Diversion to be clearly signed during each closure.




Applicant Details: Highway Maintenance

Telephone: Council Connect – 01225 394041




Dated:  8th February 2024




Bath and North East Somerset Council

Traffic Management Team
Lewis House
Manvers Street,
Bath BA1 1JG













Chris Major

Director for Place Management


















Schedule 1




Anticipated Timescale at Location (subject to change)

Spring Gardens Road, Spring Crescent & Ferry Lane (Widcombe/Bathwick?

Full length – Spring Gardens Road, Spring Crescent and Ferry Lane all connected

1 week

Brock Street & Upper Church Street (Bath)

Brock Street - Full Length /Church Street. From its junction with Brock Street to 10m north of its junction with crescent lane

1 week

A4 Bath Road & A4 Bristol Road (Saltford)

From Uplands Road continuation from resurface done through to Globe roundabout

2 weeks – nights

North Road



Starting from The Stables and ending outside Merry Hill House.

1 week

A39 Bath Road (Mollifriend Lane - Old Lane) (Farmborough)


110m west of its junction with Old Lane for a length of 650m in a Northerly direction (Just past crossroads after the pub)

1 week – nights

Combe Park & Combe Grove (Lower Weston)


Full length on Combe Park including full cul-de-sac of Combe Grove.

1 week - nights

Englishcombe Lane - Phase 2 (Southdown)

From its junction with Sladebrook Avenue to its junction with Bloomfield Road (This is the second and final phase)


2 weeks

Broad Quay & Ambury (City Centre)


Full Lengths

1 week – nights

Rodney Road (Saltford)


Full length of Rodney Road, including Harcourt Close cul-de-sac.


1 week

High Street & Manor Road (Upper Weston)


Full Lengths

1 week

Archway Street (Widcombe)


Entrance of Archway Street from Pulteney Road for 20m.


1 week

St Ladoc Road + Roundabout on A4 Bristol Road (Keynsham)


St Ladoc Full length and the roundabout at the bottom. Including approaches in all 3 other directions for 10m

1 week

Tyning Road (Peasedown St John)

Full length of Tyning Road, up to the dead end on the right side and stop up to the entrance of Braysdown Lane.

3 weeks

Lansdown Road (Lansdown Place East - Caroline Place) (Lansdown)


From its junction with Lansdown Place East for a length of 350m in a southerly direction. (To its junction with Caroline Place)

1 week – nights

Claude Avenue, Bridge Road & Cynthia Road (Twerton)


Full length of Claude Avenue/ Bridge Road, turning left onto Cynthia Road for 40m.

1 week

Chilcompton Road (Midsomer Norton)


90m South of its junction with Laburnum Grove for a length of 750m in a Southerly direction.

1 week

Shaftesbury Road & Moorland Road (Oldfield)


Full length of Shaftesbury Road continuing from Junction Road into Moorland Road up to the zebra crossing.

1 week

A3062 Prior Park Road (Widcombe)


From its junction with Claverton Street & Widcombe Hill for a length of 625m in a southerly direction.

1 week

Bath Hill (Keynsham)

& Avon Mill Lane (part)


From a point 30m from its junction with The Wellsway for a length of 325m in a Northerly direction.

Avon Mill Lane, from its junction with Bath Hill for 50m in a North-Easterly direction


1 week - nights

West Avenue (Oldfield)


Section after railway bridge for 26m onto Lyndhurst Road until the entrance of Millmead Road.

1 week

Lansdown Road (South Glos are delivering this whilst doing their section) (Charlcombe)


From Authority Boundary for a length of 150m in a northerly direction (To the layby)

1 week

Rivers Street (City Centre)


Full length of Rivers Street with Gloucester Street included.

1 week

Loxton Drive & Albany Road (Twerton)


130m West of their junction with Lansdown View for a length of 115m in multiple directions

1 week

Charlton Road (Keynsham)

From a point 1300m North of its Junction with Redlynch Lane for a length of 800m in a Northerly direction.

1 Week

Upper Bloomfield Road (Part) (Odd Down)

From its junction with Frome Road for a distance of 325m in a Southerly direction.

1 week

Ringswell Gardens (Part) & Grosvenor Bridge Road (part)(Walcot)

Ringswell Gardens – Full Length, Grosvenor Bridge Road – From its junction with the A4 for 85m in a southerly direction.

1 week

Chelwood Roundabout (Remedial Closure)

Full Roundabout closure for remedial repairs

1 day



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