Notice is given that Bath and North East Somerset Council in exercise of its powers under section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 intends to make an order
the effect of which will be to temporarily introduce a road closure and no parking for the entire lengths of:


  • Beech Road, Saltford
  • Beechen Cliff Road, Bath
  • Byron Road, Bath 
  • Chaucer Road, Bath
  • Chestnut Walk, Saltford
  • Church Lane, Farrington Gurney
  • Daniel Street, Bath
  • Durham Grove, Keynsham
  • Farleigh Road, Keynsham
  • Greenvale Close, Timsbury
  • Hawthorn Grove, Bath
  • Hayes Park Road, Midsomer Norton
  • Hazel Terrace, Westfield
  • High Fields, Stanton Drew
  • Kenilworth Close, Keynsham
  • Laburnum Close, Midsomer Norton
  • Laburnum Grove, Midsomer Norton
  • Lansdown Crescent, Bath
  • Lansdown Place East, Bath
  • Lansdown Place West, Bath
  • Lansdown View, Twerton, Bath
  • Lilac Terrace, Midsomer Norton
  • Lockingwell Road, Keynsham
  • Lynton Road, Westfield
  • Manor Park, Bath
  • Marsden Road, Bath
  • Millfield, Midsomer Norton
  • Oolite Grove, Odd Down, Bath
  • Orchard Close, Keynsham
  • Penn Lea Road, Bath
  • Railway View Place, Midsomer Norton
  • Redland Park, Twerton, Bath
  • Richmond Close, Keynsham
  • School Lane, Farrington Gurney
  • Shelley Road, Bath
  • South View Place, Midsomer Norton
  • St John’s Crescent, Midsomer Norton
  • St John’s Road, Bathwick, Bath
  • Tenby Road, Keynsham
  • The Drive, Stanton Drew
  • The Weal, Bath
  • Upper East Hayes, Bath
  • Warwick Road, Keynsham



This order is required because works are being or are proposed to be executed on or near the roads consequent upon micro-asphalt carriageway resurfacing treatment and will be operative from the 1st September 2013 for a maximum period of two months. However, the restrictions may not be effected for the whole of the period but it is anticipated that the roads will be restricted as and when traffic signs are in position and only for so long as is necessary to execute the works which it is anticipated will be for approximately 12 hours on any one day.  Specific dates will be advised by on-street advance warning notices.



ALTERNATIVE ROUTE – local diversions will be signed as appropriate.

Dated:  15th August 2013

Traffic & Safety Team,

Floor 2, Riverside,
Temple Street,
Bristol  BS31 1LA

Mathew Smith,

Divisional Director,

Environmental Services




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