Notice is hereby given that the Bath and North East Somerset Council in pursuance of the provisions of section 14 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 intends to make an order the effect of which will be to close temporarily to vehicles and suspend parking in the lengths of road specified in the attached schedule 1.



This order is required because works are being or are proposed to be executed on or near the road consequent upon the implementation of micro asphalt surfacing, patching works, ironwork adjustments and road markings in the carriageway and will be operative from the 13th May 2019 for a maximum period of Six months. However, the restrictions may not be effected for the whole of the period but it is anticipated that the road will be restricted as and when traffic signs are in position and only for so long as is necessary to execute the works which it is anticipated will be for SIX MONTHS.


ALTERNATIVE ROUTESNone as not applicable in all cases


Further information on the schemes can be found at:


Applicant details: Craig Jackson B&NES

Telephone details: 01225 394269





Dated:  25th April 2019

Traffic Management Team

Lewis House

Manvers Street,


Kelvin Packer

Group Manager

                                Highways and Traffic

Schedule 1 - Micro Asphalt Surfacing, Ironwork Adjusting and Road Markings.


Fairfield Park Road, Lambridge

From resurfacing joint line to Marshfield Way.

Manor Road, Keynsham

From a point before its junction with the Wellsway, to a point approx. 60 metres south west of its junction with Hurn Lane.

Hurn Lane (Part 1), Keynsham

From its junction with Manor Road, to a point before its junction with Evenlode way.

Hurn Lane (Part 2), Keynsham

 From its junction with the Wellsway to a point past its junction with Marden Road.

Waveney Road, Keynsham

From its junction with Evenlode Way, Extending in a easterly direction to its end.

Marden Road, Keynsham

Full Length

Torridge Road, Keynsham

Full Length

Orwell Drive, Trent Grove, Clyde Avenue, Keynsham

Full Length

Severn Way, Kennet Road, Welland Road, Keynsham

Full Length (Up until the Authority Boundary)

Medway Drive, Keynsham

Full Length

Hill View Road, Lambridge

Full Length

Rose Hill (Part 1) Lambridge

From its junction with Hill View Road, extending south into parking/garage area.

Rose Hill ( Part 2) Lambridge

From its junction with Valley View Road extending south including the side road (from house number 31 – 13/15)

Locksbrook Road, Keynsham

From its junction with Station Road to its junction with Osborne Road.

Avon Park, Newbridge

Full Length

Riverside Gardens/Saddlestones (Part), Midsomer Norton Redfield

From its junction with Chilcompton Road, to a point outside number 61, Including No 3. Side Roads.

Longfellow Road, Westfield

Full Length

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