NOTICE is given that the Bath and North East Somerset Council proposes to make an order under provisions contained in the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, the effect of which will introduce the following variations to restrictions in the South West Outer Area, Bath:-



Introduce No Parking At Any Time in lengths of Poolemead Road, Kelston View, East Way, The Hollow, North View Close, Highland Road, Alderley Road, Mount Road, Lansdown View, Moorfields Drive, Hensley Gardens, Acacia Grove, Englishcombe Way, Englishcombe Lane, Southdown Road, Sheridan Road, Moorfields Road, Odins Road,   Bath


Introduce No Stopping On School Keep Clear Markings At Any Time in lengths of Poolemead Road, Twerton, Bath.


Introduce Disabled Parking bay in lengths of Wells Road, Widcombe, Bath.


Remove a 30 minute Limited Waiting parking bay on Mount Road, Southdown, Bath.


Remove a section of existing No Parking At Any Time in lengths of Poolemead Road, Bath.


Full details of the proposals, together with a map and a Statement of the Council’s Reasons for proposing to make the order, may be requested, free of charge, by contacting by email The proposal may also be viewed on the Council’s website by typing in 23-008 in the search box on the home page:


Objections and representations with respect to the proposal, together with the grounds on which they are made must be sent by 4th May 2023 by email to or by post to the address below.  Please quote the title of the scheme; (Various Roads, South West Outer Area, Bath) (Prohibition and Restriction of Parking and Loading) (No Stopping on Entrance Markings) (Authorised and Designated Parking Places) (Variation No.3) Order 2023 and the reference 23-008 for any queries concerning this proposal please telephone 01225 395362.  Please note that all representations received may be considered in public by the Council and that the substance of any representation, together with the name and address of the person making it, could become available for public inspection.


Traffic Management Team

Bath and North East Somerset Council

Lewis House

Manvers Street


Dated 13th April 2023


                       Chris Major

                       Director of Place Management


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