In May 2020 the Department for Transport launched the Active Travel Fund to enable more journeys to be made on foot and by bicycle. This initially supported temporary highway schemes to aid social distancing in response to the Covid-19 pandemic but a next phase of funding (tranche 2) was then launched for permanent schemes, focusing on reallocating road space to promote active travel.


One of the schemes proposed incorporates a lightly segregated cycle lane along the northern side of the A36 Beckford Road, between its junctions with Bathwick Street and Warminster Road. Consultation was carried out between 26 February and 21 March 2021.


On 23 July, at a Cabinet meeting, Cabinet Members agreed that the Beckford Road proposals should proceed to the TRO consultation stage.


The proposed Traffic Regulation Orders for the parking restrictions and cycle lane, and the notice for the road humps at side road entrances (part of the continuous footway designs), was advertised on 2 December 2021.


21-016 (Road humps)


21-016A (Parking restrictions)


21-016B (Mandatory cycle lane)


The above are necessary in order to provide segregated cycle infrastructure on Beckford Road, to promote an alternative mode of transport to motor vehicles for road users, to improve safety and accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists in the area, and to enhance the local environment. The new proposals will restrict on-street parking in the area. However, these restrictions are necessary for the safety of all road users.


The following are a summary of the proposals that were subject to consultation:




Road humps

It is proposed that ‘continuous footways’ (also known as ‘blended crossings’) which raise the level of side road carriageways to the height of adjacent footways where they meet the major road, are provided at the Beckford Road junctions with Forester Road, Beckford Gardens and Darlington Road. The purpose of these is to slow vehicles approaching when entering and exiting side roads and to give pedestrians priority when crossing.


Parking Restrictions

In Beckford Road, the proposals are to remove the existing parking bay and the unrestricted area of parking and replace them with double yellow lines in order that a lightly segregated cycle lane can be provided.


It is also proposed that a short section of double yellow lines are removed from Forester Road to provide additional parking for permit holders. In Warminster Road it is proposed that a section of double yellow lines are removed and replaced with a time limited parking bay, to help offset the removal of the time limited parking bay in Beckford Road. In both of these locations it has been assessed that it is safe to remove the yellow line restrictions for this purpose.


Mandatory cycle lane

This is proposed on the north-west and northern side of Beckford Road in order to provide dedicated space for cyclists which motor vehicles must not enter, other than to cross into or from a private access /driveway/car park or a side road.

Please find attached under documents on the right hand side of this page the final decision and sealed Orders relating to this scheme.

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