NOTICE is given that on 27th July 2023, the Bath and North East Somerset Council made the following order under provisions contained in the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 the effect of which will be to introduce Cycle Racks in the specified locations in Bath, Keynsham, and Radstock as listed below:


  • Grove Street, Railway Place, Camden Road, Portland Place, Cleveland Place, Henry Street, Walcot Street, Vane Street, Lansdown Place West, Park Place, Upper Church Street, South Parade, Henrietta Mews, Catharine Place, Archway Street, Sydney Mews, Grosvenor Place, Bath.
  • The Street, Radstock.
  • Carpenters Lane, Keynsham.


The Bath and North East Somerset Council (Cycle Racks, Various Roads) (Bath, Keynsham and Radstock) Minor Order 2023 will come into operation on 7th August 2023 and a copy, together with a map and a Statement of the Council's reasons for making the order may be inspected at The One Stop Shops at 3-4 Manvers Street, Bath and at Keynsham Civic Centre, Market Walk, Keynsham during normal office hours.


Any person who desires to question the validity of, or any provision contained in the order on the grounds that it is not within the powers of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 or on the grounds that any of the relevant requirements of that Act has not been complied with in relation to the order, may within six weeks after the date on which the order was made, apply to the High Court for this purpose.


Traffic Management Team

Bath and North East Somerset Council

Lewis House

Manvers Street


Dated: 3rd August 2023





     Chris Major  

     Director of Place Management

     Bath & North East Somerset Council                   


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