All Major developments which exceed the thresholds in the schedule to Policy T.25 of the Bath & North East Somerset Local Plan 2007(including Minerals & Waste policies).

Information will include all existing and proposed commercial and residential vehicular and pedestrian movements to and from the site.  Loading areas and arrangements for manoeuvring, servicing and parking of vehicles should also be clearly identified. It should describe and analyse existing transport conditions, how the development would affect those conditions and any measures proposed to overcome any problems. 

For smaller schemes, the TA should simply outline the transport aspects of the application, while for major proposals, the TA should illustrate accessibility to the site by all modes of transport, and the likely modal split of journeys to and from the site. 

The TA should also give details of proposed measures to improve access by public transport, walking and cycling, to reduce the need for parking associated with the proposal, and to mitigate transport impacts.

Further guidance on development in context to the Strategic Road Network can be found in Circular 02/2013 “Strategic road network and the delivery of sustainable development”. 

A travel plan should also be submitted alongside planning applications which are likely to have significant transport implications, as advised by the National Planning Policy Framework (external link).

Last updated: 20 March 2018

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