The front cover of the Bath and North East Somerset Local Plan


  1. What is the Local Plan?
  2. Viewing the Local Plan
  3. Adoption
  4. West of England Joint Waste Core Strategy
  5. Saved Policies
  6. Proposal Maps
  7. The Strategic Flood Risk Assessment
  8. The Local Plan Archive


1. What is the Local Plan?

The Local Plan is the primary basis for deciding planning applications. It sets out policies which guide how and where development should take place up to the year 2011.

It influences where people live and work and what facilities are available to them. It therefore helps to achieve the development that is needed whilst at the same time protecting and enhancing local character and the environment.

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2. Viewing the Local Plan

The Local Plan Written Statement and supporting Proposal Map can be viewed electronically on this page. Click here to view the Local Plan or click here to view the Proposal Maps.

If you would like to request a copy of the Local Plan click here for details on how to purchase a hard copy of the Local Plan

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3. Adoption

The Local Plan was adopted on 18th October 2007.  A copy of the adoption notice can be accessed here. The Local Plan has been saved under the Planning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004.

The Bath & North East Somerset Local Plan has now superseded all existing adopted Local Plans. The plan will form part of the development plan for the area of Bath & North East Somerset.  The development plan forms the basis for decisions on land use planning affecting that area. 

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4. West of England Joint Waste Core Strategy

Councils in the West of England (Bath & North East Somerset, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire, and Bristol) have produced the Joint Waste Core Strategy.  The Joint Waste Core Strategy is a Development Plan to set out the vision and objectives for sustainable waste management and sets the planning framework up to 2026 reflecting the waste hierarchy. It contains Development Management Policies and has superseded most of the Local Plan waste management policies. 

For more information on the West of England Joint Waste Core Strategy click here.

Local Plan policies superseded by the JWCS:

  • WM1 (Development of waste management facilities)
  • WM3 (Waste reduction and the reuse in development proposals)
  • WM5 (Waste transfer stations and material recovery facilities)
  • WM6 (Recovery of materials from waste brought to landfill)
  • WM7 (Household waste recycling centres)
  • WM8 (Composting facilities)
  • WM10 (Thermal treatment with energy recovery)
  • WM12 (Landfill)
  • WM13 (Landraising)
  • WM14 (Agricultural land improvement schemes)
  • WM15 (Time extensions for landfill, landscaping or agricultural land improvement schemes)

Local Plan policies not superseded by the JWCS:

  • WM4 (Waste recovery and recycling in new development)
  • WM9 (Community composing facilities)

For more information please go to the West of England Partnership website (link to external website).

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5. Saved policies

Some of the Local Plan policies will be replaced by the policies in the Core Strategy but as this is not currently scheduled to be adopted until December 2011, the Council made a request to the Secretary of State to extend the life of relevant policies in the Local Plan to ensure there is a comprehensive robust planning policy framework for the District beyond 2010. 

A decision letter and schedule has been received from the Secretary of State setting out which policies will be saved.  These policies will be saved for an indefinite period until replaced through the Local Development Framework. The Schedule of saved policies can be viewed below:

Copies of the adopted plan are available for inspection at the following offices:

  • The One Stop Shop, Manvers Street, Bath, BA1 1JG;
  • The Hollies, Midsomer Norton, Bath, BA3 2DP;
  • Riverside, Temple Street, Keynsham, Bristol, BS31 1LA.

Copies of the plan can be obtained on request. 

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6. Proposals Maps

PDF files of the Proposals Maps can be viewed on the Local Plan Adopted Proposals Maps page.

The Proposals Map can also be viewed as an interactive map using the "Services in Your Area" function in the top-right corner of this page.

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7. The Strategic Flood Risk Assessment

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment has been prepared on behalf the Council by expert consultants. It supersedes existing data on flood risk including the indicative floodplain used in the Bath and North East Somerset Local Plan.  Click here to find out more.

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8. The Local Plan Archive.

  1. The Inspector's Report, May 2006
  2. The Inspector's Addendum Report - Hayesfield Playing Field
  3. The Inspector's Addendum Report - South West Keynsham
  4. The consultation on the further modifications to the Bath & North East Somerset Local Plan in 2007
  5. Schedule of Proposed Modifications to the Local Plan Proposal Maps

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