Required for applications:

• 10 dwellings or more and for developments of more than 1000 square metres (gross internal area) and/or
• In Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty for developments of between 6 and 10-units

These proposals require an element of affordable housing (of if deemed appropriate off site provision or a related commuted sum in lieu of affordable housing) to be provided. We will require information concerning provisions to be made for both the affordable housing and any open market housing.

The Statement should include:

• The numbers of residential units;
• The mix of units, with numbers of habitable rooms and/or bedrooms, or the floor space of habitable areas of residential units;
• Plans showing the location of units and their number of habitable rooms and/or bedrooms, and/or the floor space of the units;
• If different levels or types of affordability or tenure are proposed for different units this should be clearly and fully explained.

Further advice is available in the National Planning Policy Framework (external link), Policy CP9 and CP9 of the Core Strategy and Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) April 2015. The Affordable Housing Statement should demonstrate compliance with the SPD.

Last updated: 20 March 2018

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