Required for all 1) all major development (10 or more dwellings or 1,000m sq of more) which involve a loss of open space*; and 2) All development that includes the loss of part or all of a playing fields or any part of a playing field, and land designated under Place Making Plan Policy LCR5

(*Open space is defined as open space of public value, including not just land, but also areas of water such as rivers, canals, lakes and reservoirs which offer important opportunities for sport and recreation and can also act as a visual amenity).

Plans should show any areas of existing or proposed open space within or adjoining the application site.

Planning consent is not normally given for development of existing open spaces, which local communities need. However, in the absence of a robust and up-to-date assessment by a local authority, an applicant for planning permission may seek to demonstrate through an independent assessment that the land or buildings are surplus to LOCAL REQUIREMENTS. Any such evidence should accompany the planning application. National planning policy is set out in the National Planning Policy Framework (external link).

Please also refer to Bath & North East Somerset Council’s Green Infrastructure strategy.

Last updated: 20 March 2018

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