Required for all major applications where new employment floor space is proposed, and all applications where it is proposed to develop existing employment land/buildings for an alternative use. 

Applications proposing new employment floor space should be accompanied by a report setting out the regeneration benefits of the proposed development, including:

  • details of any new jobs that might be created or supported;

  • the relative floor space totals for each proposed use (where known);

  • any community benefits, referenced back to the Community Strategy or any relevant Parish/community Plan or study;

  • reference to any regeneration strategies that might lie behind or be supported by the proposal. 

Applications involving the loss of land or buildings last used for employment purposes should be accompanied by a report setting out the following:

  • evidence that the site has been marketed;

  • evidence of why the site is no longer capable of offering accommodation for employment uses;

  • evidence of why the use of the site for employment purposes raises unacceptable environmental or traffic problems;

  • a statement explaining why an alternative mix of uses offers greater potential benefits to the community, and explaining why the site is not required to meet economic development or local employment needs.


Last updated: 20 March 2018

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