A-Z EIAs pre 2010

0 Rated homes

After school clubs

Approved mental health professional service

Adult Speech and Language Therapy Service 

Anti Fraud & Whistle Blowing

Bath City Liaison Forum

B Active Website

Bath transportation package

Bereavement services burial policy

Bereavement Services - Community Group Policy

Bereavement services cremation policy 

Bereavement Services Grounds Maintenance - in Open Cemeteries

Bereavement Services - Grounds maintenance in closed cemeteries

Bereavement Services Memorial Safety policy

Bereavement Services - Rough sleepers in closed cemeteries

The Breakthrough Project

Business Continuity Plan

Buy with Confidence

Care matters implementation plan - year 2

CASH Service Report

Citizenship ceremonies

Commissioning Strategy 2009 -12

Common Assessment Framework

Community Based Toe Nail Cutting Service

Community based assessment

Community Safety and Drugs Partnership

Commissioning Communication Strategy

Community Activators

Community Health Access Team

Community Teams

Complaints Dealt with by Trading Standards

Consumer Direct

CPS Service

Custom & Practice Adult SS&H

Ethnic Minority Achievement Service EIA

Financial Plan Budget Reports

Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance

Foot Health

Freedom of Information Policy

Healthy Schools EIA

Hearing Therapy

Heritage Services buildings

Heritage Services Collections Management Policy

Heritage Services Emergency Procedures

Heritage Services Functions Catering and Room Hire

Heritage - Sales Promotion and Communications

Heritage Services Study Facilities

Heritage Services Visitor Services

Homesearch Report

Integrated Childrens System

Integration Report

Libraries Customer charter for overdue charges

Libraries Income Policy

Libraries Mobile Phone Policy

Libraries Poster Policy

Library Self Service

Libraries Training Strategy

Local Area Agreement process & action plan

Local Safeguarding Children Board Strategic plan 2008-11

Local Safeguarding Children Board Annual Report and Business Plan 2008-9 


Parks & Green Spaces - Accessibility Policy

Parks & Green Spaces - Children Young People Policy

Parks & Green Spaces - Older People Policy

Parks & Green Spaces - Outdoor Events Policy

Passenger Transport

Passport to Health – GP Exercise Referral Scheme

Patient public involvement health and social care

Planning - Developer contributions SPD

Planning - Enforcement

Planning - Existing dwellings in the Green Belt SPD

Planning - Front line telephony / Role of Planning Information Officers

Planning pre-application protocol

Planning public access process

Planning - Validation of Planning Applications

Primary Strategy

Procurement Contract Letting Procedures

Procurement Strategy

Public Path Order Policy

Public Protection Food Law Enforcement Service Plan 2009-2010

Public Protection - Food Improvement Notices

Public Protection - Food Complaints Procedure

Public Protection - Health Certificates

Public Protection - Interventions procedure 

Refresh of Sustainable Community Strategy 2009-2026

Replacement of the Child Protection Register

Requests for advice on Trading Standards Legislation from businesses

The role of the Council Chair

Risk and Opportunity Management Strategy

Running with the Girls

School Appeals

School admissions and exclusion appeals service

School Sport

Supported People service reviews

Supported People service Reviews Report

Supporting People - service review policy

Supporting Young People Strategy

Sensory impairment service

Specialist child and family support service

Support to Sports Clubs

Under Age Sales

Waste same day collections

Waste and recycling communications

Waste - Refuse collection service

Waste - Mini recycling centres

Waste - Food waste collections

Waste - Recycling

Waste - Garden Waste Collection Service

Weight Management Programme




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