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1. Introduction

Bath and North East Somerset Council have so far undertaken two stages of informal public consultation  in the development of the Site Allocations DPD. The first was called ‘Issues and Options’ and focused on asking what types of sites should be provided and how sites should be assessed . A second, called ‘Preferred Options’, sought public feedback on 6 site options which were considered to have potential for allocation in the final Draft Plan. At both stages of consultation the Council has run a ‘Call for Sites’ asking for interested parties to bring forward land with potential for allocation to be assessed. This has resulted in over 50 sites being considered so far..

Please note that no decisions have been made on final site allocations and the Council is still seeking to identify the most appropriate locations for sites across the whole of the District.

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2. Issues and Options consultation

The Council previously consulted on an Issues and Options document (click here to download it) between 21st November 2011 and 16th January 2012. That consultation sought views on how sites should be selected for allocation.

Responses to that public consultation and the site assessment carried out on all sites brought forward through the Call for Sites are available to view in the Consultation Statement and Appendices and in the Preferred Options Stage Detailed Site Assessment Report

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3. Preferred Options consultation

The Council consulted on a Preferred Options document between 23rd May and 20th July 2012. That consultation sought views on a list of 6 preferred sites which the Cabinet agreed at its meeting on 9th May 2012.  Those sites were:

  • GT1: Parcel 7100, Woollard Lane, Whitchurch
  • GT2: Old Colliery Buildings, Stanton Wick
  • GT4: Former Radstock Infant School canteen, Radstock
  • GT6: Station Road, Newbridge, Bath
  • GT8: Lower Bristol Road, Twerton, Bath
  • GT14: Land near Ellsbridge House, Keynsham*

*Please note that the map boundary shown in the Preferred Options consultation document erroneously includes land within Ellsbridge House ownership. The correct boundary shown on this map. This site boundary was also displayed on the consultation exhibition posters.

The background document setting out the assessment of the full range of sites considered in developing the Options document, the Preferred Options Stage Detailed Site Assessment Report, can be also downloaded from the Backgound Information page. Reference copies of the Preferred Options document are also available for inspection at the Council’s main offices and libraries. Hard copies can also be purchased at a cost of £5 from the Planning Policy Team.

Cabinet Consideration of a Report on the Preferred Options

The B&NES Cabinet considered a report on the Gypsy & Traveller’s Site Allocations DPD an at its meeting on 12th September 2012.  Click here to download the report.  The Cabinet resolved at that meeting that it would no longer pursue allocations on land previously considered in the Preferred Options document at Keynsham, Radstock and Stanton Wick and that a wider stock take will now take place.  Work is continuing on assessing the remaining 3 'Preferred Option' and 29 new sites.

The Statement of Consultation for the Preferred Options Consultation is available here - please note that this file is 10.8 MB.

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4. Engaging with Communties

Public consultation events in the form of drop-in sessions and public exhibitions were held across the district to seek feedback at each consultation stage. If you have suggestions for how or where future consultation events should be held, please contact the Planning Policy team.


4.1 Racism Policy

Please note that Bath and North East Somerset Council only consider comments by respondents who provide their names and contact addresses. In line with the Council’s Public Sector Equality Duty, the Council will not accept representations, objections or comments that are deemed to be racist. In general terms, a racist representation is one which includes words, phrases or comments which are likely:

  • to be offensive to a particular racial or ethnic group;
  • to be racially abusive, insulting or threatening;
  • to apply pressure to discriminate on racial grounds;
  • to stir up racial hatred or contempt.

Any objections and comments that are racist or personally abusive are disregarded and returned to the sender.

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4.2 Representations

Responses to the Issues and Options public consultation are available to view in the Consultation Statement and Appendices.

Responses to the Preferred Options consultation are available below on a site-by-site basis.  Due to the sheer numbers of representations received, there may be some errors in the schedules. Any representations deemed racist when assessed against the Council’s Racism Policy have been removed. If you notice any errors, please contact the Planning Policy Team to let us know so that we can make the necessary corrections. 

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4.3 Call for sites

A formal Call for Sites was conducted as part of the Issues and Options public consultation in 2011. The full list of sites considered following that consultation is included within the Preferred Options Stage Detailed Site Assessment Report. We continued to seek sites until the end of the Preferred Options consultation in July 2012.  The separate list of sites and site maps for land suggested to the Council during that second Call for Sites is available to download from here.

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5. Any Further Questions?

Background information is available on Gypsies, Travellers and Travelling Showpeople, including the background evidence base, the Gypsy and Traveller Accommodation (and Other Needs) Assessment (GTAA, 2012).

Information is also available on the Council's legal obligations, and the planning policy framework to the Site Allocations DPD.

A series of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers are available via this link. 

If you think we have missed something crucial, please get in contact with the Planning Policy Team to let us know.  If there are questions that these documents do not help with, please call the Planning Policy Team on 01225 394041, option 5 or email

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