What is an Advisory Disabled Persons Parking Bay?

Advisory Disabled Parking Bay

This is a parking bay which is marked out on the public highway in close proximity to the home of a person with severe mobility impairments.  The purpose of the bay is to deter other people from parking in this location as it makes them aware that a person with mobility problems lives close by and relies on the bay to stay independent.  This bay is unenforceable and relies on the goodwill of other drivers to leave the bay clear for the person who requires it. 

Applying for an Advisory Disabled Bay Near Your Home

To qualify for a bay you will need to meet a number of criteria set out in the documents below.  We will consider your case in relation to our guidelines but we understand every situation is unique and will therefore consider each case on an individual basis.

To apply please click on the links for the documents below:                                                            

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