We will:

  • email you if there are any problems 
  • carryout the fit and proper persons check
  • arrange an inspection
  • if applicable we will ask you to pay the balance of the licence fee when we issue the proposed licence for you to check
  • if no representations have been made and the full fee has been paid, we will issue the actual licence
  • add your licence details to the public register 

We would like you to:

  • submit the online application form with all supporting documents and pay licence fee
  • check your inbox for any correspondence from us and respond accordingly
  • attend the property inspection or make alternative arrangements and advise us of your representative
  • read the proposed licence when issued and make representations within the required 14 days
  • pay any licence fee balance within the required time.

The inspection:

A Housing Officer will meet you at the property to check the following:

You do not have to meet all the standards at point of application.  If compliance work is required, a condition will be applied to your licence with timescales for completion and you will be issued with a schedule of works to complete.  Please refer to our Enforcement and Licensing Policy .

Licences will be granted if: 

  • the property requires a licence;
  • a valid application form and fee are received; 
  • the house is reasonably suitable for occupation for a maximum number of households or persons;
  • the proposed licence holder is a fit and proper person and is the most appropriate person to be the licence holder, and;
  • the management arrangements are satisfactory.

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