If you suspect a property is an HMO and is not licensed when it should be, please let us know.  Local information is really useful in getting to know the location of all HMOs, so any concerns you have please let us know.

You can check the public register to see which properties have a licence.  You can also find out which properties are defined as HMOs by looking on our 'What is an HMO?' page.  If the property you have concerns about does not appear on the list, please email us on hmo_licensing@bathnes.gov.uk and entitle your email with UNLICENSED HMO. Please tell us as much as you know about the address, number of storeys, number of occupants, any owners or agents and anything you have concerns about, and we will investigate. We will treat all reports received this way in confidence.  However, if you would like to be kept informed of the actions we take, please clearly ask for a response in your email.

HMOs with 3 or more storeys and 5 or more occupants need a licence, wherever they are (attic conversions, basements and commercial units such as shops all count as storeys).


In the Wards of Oldfield, Westmoreland and Northern Widcombe (and some surrounding roads) (see map on Additional Licensing page) all HMOs with shared facilities such as bedsits and shared houses need a licence, regardless of size.  A HMO is a property occupied by 3 or more people from more than one household. 


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