Licensing Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) helps to improve neighbourhoods and shared housing and bedsits for private tenants.  We are happy to assist you as much as possible and we are always keen to build strong relationships with landlords, agents and property owners.  

Planning permission is required for change of use from a single family property into an HMO within the City of Bath and some properties in surrounding areas. For more information please contact Planning by email: or Council Connect tel: 01225 394041 and select Planning from the automated menu.

Which HMOs need a licence?

Apply and pay for an HMO Licence

Public Register of licensed HMOs

HMO Licensing and Planning

HMO standards and guidance

HMO documents for programmed inspections

Essential documents for licensed HMOs

Advice for students - external links

Changes to my licensed HMO

How licensing helps improve homes and neighbourhoods

Report an unlicensed HMO

Will licensing stop properties being used as HMOs? 

Buying a licensable HMO

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