Please do not apply for a licence more than one month before the property becomes licensable.  Please read point 5 of the Guidance notes (link below)

Planning permission is required for change of use from a single family property into an HMO within the City of Bath and some properties in surrounding areas. For more information please contact Planning by email: or Council Connect tel: 01225 394041 and select Planning from the automated menu.  The granting of an HMO licence does not confirm that you have the correct planning permission to use the property as an HMO.

Before applying for your licence, please read the information below:

  • Guidance notes on completing your application, please keep this to hand when completing your application.
  • As part of the application process, you will need to upload or post the following documents:
  1. Floor plans, please ensure you read the guidance (last page), as your application will be invalid without all the relevant information;
  2. Basic Disclosure and barring service (DBS) certificates, as a minimum, for all proposed licence holders, dated within 3 years;
  3. A fit and proper person declaration for all proposed licence holders must be completed and submitted with every application and dated at the time the application is made.
  4. If using a separate manager, ensure they have submitted a DBS certificate and fit and proper person declaration to Housing Services within the last 3 years.  This will delay your licence, if not provided to Housing Services
  5. Current gas safety;
  6. Satisfactory Electrical Installation Condition Report dated within 5 years;
  7. Energy Performance Certificate (EPC);
  8. You will also be required to provide information on all property owners, any mortgages including roll number, any freeholders, any lease holders and where applicable any charges that may be on the property.  Please have this information available to assist you in completing the application form.

Mandatory or Additional application

Mandatory - from the 1 October 2018, all HMOs in Bath and NE Somerset occupied by 5 or more occupants sharing facilities will require a licence to operate.

Additional – HMOs occupied by 3 or 4 tenants sharing facilities will require an Additional licence. 

Online application

Please click on Online application to apply. 

Please see guidance notes on how to register with Idox to be able to return to your saved application.  If you have exited your application or been timed out, you can click on Return to saved applications

The application should take approximately 30 minutes to complete, if you have all the required information available.  

All supporting documents should ideally be saved to your computer, so that they can be uploaded as part of the application:

  • Additional fit and proper person (F&PP) declaration - individual or companies
  • Where there are 3 or more proposed licence holders.  Please add their details on this form and upload with your application.

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