The Council needs to be informed about any changes that may affect a licensed HMO and these may include the layout, the number of occupants or the management arrangements.

Variations to the licence

The Council must be satisfied that the property is suitable for the number of occupants.  Therefore you must not exceed the maximum occupancy of your licence by moving in additional tenants without prior approval.  Enforcement action may be taken where you are found to be in breach of your licence conditions.   Your licence can be varied for a number of reasons and if you think your licence requires a variation, contact the Housing Standards and Improvement Team in writing by emailing us or by post.  The Council may request further information or request a visit to your property.

Change of management

The Council must be notified where management arrangements have changed, including changing agents and emergency contact, this is a condition of your HMO licence.  All person involved in the management of the property must be considered fit and proper by the Council.  It is the responsibility of the licence holder to provide a copy of the licence to any new manager.

Sale of property

HMO licences are not transferrable and the new owner must apply for an HMO licence.  Please notify us when the sale has completed, so that we may revoke your licence.

Death of licence holder

Please inform us immediately, should a licence holder pass away.

When a sole licence holder dies, the licence ceases on their death.  During the period of 3 months beginning with the date of the licence holders’ death, the house is to be treated as if a temporary exemption notice had been granted; this allows the person who is in control of the property to continue to rent it without a licence application being made.

In exceptional circumstances a second temporary exemption notice can be granted.  During the initial three months period, the personal representatives of the deceased may request a second temporary exemption notice, which if granted will be for another three months.

A temporary exemption is not possible after six months from the licence holder’s death and an application for a licence must be made. This needs to be from the person managing or in control – the person to whom the rent is paid.

Contacting Housing Standards and Improvement Team

Housing Standards and Improvement Team can be contacted for further information by email: or by telephone on 01225 396444.

Postal address: Housing Standards and Improvements Team, Lewis House, Manvers Street, Bath BA1 1JQ

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