Busking and other forms of street entertainment are part of the Bath ‘experience’, creating an enhanced atmosphere and providing pleasure to many people, both local residents and visitors.  Buskers and Street Entertainers in Bath are asked to follow the Guide to Busking and Street Performance in Bath.

On occasion, however, particularly for people living or working in the city centre, busking may be intrusive, annoying, indecent and offensive.  As a result, both the Local Authority and the Police receive many complaints about the volume and sometimes the nature of busking and street entertainment.

Under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 noise in the street from musical instruments may be a statutory nuisance and the Local Authority is able to take legal action to abate the nuisance and prohibit or restrict its recurrence; this may include the seizure of musical instruments and amplification equipment.   

Consultation on a Public Space Protection Order - Street Entertainment

A consultation regarding the introduction of a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) took place in 2015, and a decision on whether to introduce a ban on amplification at Abbey Church Yard, Kingston Parade and Abbey Green was made.

Bath and North East Somerset Council decided to use Government legislation to target those individuals causing problems, rather than an outright ban which affects everyone.  A continual review of the situation will be maintained to ensure the effectiveness of this approach.

Who to Contact

If you encounter problems with Street Entertainers please contact the relevant service as follows:




Obstruction of the ‘Public Highway’



Offensive Behaviour



Noise Control

Bath & North East Somerset Council

01225 477551

Further Information

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