Appendix E

Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy
Appendix E: Contact Details and Procedure for Service Requests Concerning Potentially Contaminated Land

* All complainants should contact Environmental and Consumer Services. Contact details are as follows:

Scientific Officer (Contaminated Land)
Environmental Protection
Environmental Services
Bath and North East Somerset Council
9-10 Bath Street

Telephone: 01225 395248


* Complainant details shall be taken (name, address and contact details)

* Full details of the complaint nature shall be recorded on the Environmental Health complaints database along with the complainants’ details.

* The complainant will be contacted within five working days (as is consistent with the current Environmental Health complaints procedure).

* The complainant will be informed on a regular basis of any progress with regard to the complaint.

* Complainant details will be maintained in confidence unless permission is given to reveal such details.

The supply of information from informal sources (public, local businesses and other organisations)

All informants should contact Environmental and Consumer Services at 9-10 Bath Street (see above) where the following information will be requested from them:

* Informant details (including name and address)

* Location of the site considered to be potentially contaminated

* As much detail as possible regarding the source, pathway and receptor of any suspected contaminated land.

* As much information as possible, on the significance of the above.

* The location of any additional information or methods for investigation additional sources of evidence.

* The method by which they obtained the information themselves.

Once the information is received the Contaminated Land Officer will arrange for the following:

* An assessment of the details to determine whether factual knowledge of the land being contaminated has been provided.

* Where the information satisfies the statutory requirements for designation as contaminated land, the land shall be designated.

* Where the information suggests that the land may be contaminated land but requires further investigation, it shall be prioritised by the information and included within the Council’s current programme of inspection.

Procedure for requesting environmental information

* All requests should be made in writing addressed to Environmental and Consumer Services at the Civic Centre (see above) detailing exactly what information is required and the site or area concerned.

* The requester will be informed of any charge within five working days. All charges are calculated on the estimated time required to obtain and provide the information requested. To facilitate the process it is advised that any requests for information concerning particular properties are accompanied by a full postal address (including a post code) or a clear map or plan of the site concerned.

* Upon receipt of payment, details will be provided where available in a factual and clear manner in writing, within ten working days of receipt of the payment.
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