Report Contaminated Land

Information Request

Bath & North East Somerset Council has a duty under new legislation to inspect the land in their district for contamination, and is therefore requesting information concerning land contamination posing a risk to the following receptors:

  • Humans

  • Water

  • Animals

  • Plants

  • Archaeology

  • Buildings

Sources of contamination may include the following types of historic or current land uses:

  • Factories or works

  • Mining

  • Petrol stations

  • Transport (garage workshops, railway depots, airports)

  • Canals

  • Sewage treatment

  • Intensive agriculture

The Council welcomes contact from members of the public or other organisations who wish to provide information on contaminated land issues.

Please help Bath & North East Somerset gather information on contaminated land in the district by completing the Contaminated Land Feedback Form. Alternatively contact the Council’s Contaminated Land Officer at the address below.


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