Special Educational Needs Transport

Entitlement to transport for those with special educational needs is determined by the Council's Children's Services.  Please contact the Special Educational Needs (SEN) section on 01225 394456 or by email SENDSchool_TravelTeam@bathnes.gov.uk for any questions relating to this.

Once entitlement has been determined transport will be arranged based on the information provided by the SEN section.  A letter will be sent out which will provide the start date, contractors name and approximate timings.  Parents should ensure that your child is ready, or at the pick up point before the notified time as the contractor has instructions to wait only a reasonable time (usually 5 minutes) beyond that.  If the vehicle has to leave without a child, transport becomes a parental responsibility. 

Though we make every effort to minimise late arrivals, you may occasionally experience unexpected delays or problems, please wait for 10 minutes after the scheduled pickup time.  In the case of transport failing to arrive please contact Passenger Transport.

Parents are encouraged to make the Escort on the transport aware of any specific information relating to care of their child.  This supplements information provided by the SEN team.  We want the journey to school to be as safe and enjoyable as possible and this sort of communication really helps.

All drivers and Escorts are checked and Disclosure and Barring Service checks (DBS) cleared to the enhanced level.


There are approximately 60 Escorts who are employed to accompany pupils and students with special needs on their journey between home and school.  The Passenger Transport Team is responsible for recruitment, relief cover and health and safety training.

The Escorts accompany pupils and students with special needs on the journey between home and school.  They are there to ensure the passenger's comfort, safety and well-being.

We are always looking for reliable, caring people who can empathise with special needs pupils.  If you are interested in a part-time temporary position then please contact Passenger Transport.

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