This permit will allow you to park on-street in any of the resident zones and in car parks whilst you are working.  

Who Can Apply?

  • Any trades person with heavy equipment or a vehicle required on site.  
  • Any landlord who rents out at least one property within a residents parking zone (this replaces our old Landlord Permits). 

How to Apply

Please download a copy of the application form from the Documents section on the right-hand side of this page.

Where You Can Park

You can pay to park on street within any of the parking zones. Please use the ‘Services in Your Area’ search to find out what zone the property you are visiting is located in, you will find this under ‘Parking Permit’.

Location Codes
Central and Zone 1: 755999
All other residential zones: 755998


Central and Zone 1: £3 per hour
All other residential zones: £6.60 per day

Making a Stay

Login to the portal using your mobile number and PIN, go to the Trade Parking page and select your vehicle, location and duration required. Save and confirm your selection to finish.

Call 0333 123 9009 from your registered mobile number. This will connect you to the automated service which will ask what zone location you are in, which vehicle to park and the duration required.

Send a text message from your registered mobile number to 61600 with the word TRADE and the zone location number, duration required and if you are not in your default vehicle you can add the vehicle registration number on the end.
TRADE 755999 1hour
TRADE 755998 1day A123BCD

Please click here for a leaflet also showing this information.

Terms and Conditions

Please see terms and conditions in the documents section on the right-hand side of this page.  

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