Connecting Bath and North East somerset

Regeneration Schemes at Bath & North East Somerset Council

Responsibility for Major projects in Bath & North East Somerset is shared by three teams within B&NES council.  These are Regeneration, Project Delivery and Economy & Culture.

The recently endorsed review of the Economic Strategy 2014 - 2030 highlights key projects to deliver the economy required by the district for the future.

The strategy addresses a number of challenges including an undersupply of housing and business accommodation that has failed to keep pace with the area's growing economy.

Alongside the Economic Strategy, the adopted Core Strategy  will ensure that growth focuses on quality development which supports a dynamic business community and enhances a unique environment.

The Project Delivery team has a wealth of experience in delivering major capital projects on time and within budget.  B&NES council aims to act as a catalyst to development, ensuring that the appropriate conditions and infrastructure are in place that allows both our businesses to thrive and delivers new homes for our residents.

Please consult the menu for details of all the council's current or recent Major Projects.



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