Developing on Bath Riverside courtesy of Crest Nicholson

Bath and North East Somerset Council are focussed on the importance of housing delivery to support economic growth and meet housing needs of current and future residents. 

The adopted Core Strategy  (2015) identifies the homes need to be delivered in the period up to 2026 and comprises  a number of strategic allocations for housing growth.  Key areas of growth including the Core Strategy allocations are set out below:

Major development areas under construction :

Bath Western Riveside

Mulberry Park, Former MoD Foxhill site, Bath

Former MoD Ensleigh Site and Playing Field Site, Bath

Holburne Park, Former MoD Warminster Road site, Bath

Somerdale site, Keynsham

Policy KE3a - Land adjoining East Keynsham Strategic Site Allocation

Policy KE4 -Land adjoining South West Keynsham Strategic Site Allocation

Policy RA5 Land at Whitchurch Strategic Site Allocation

Strategic Sites with planning permission, not yet commenced

Policy B3a Land adjoining Odd Down, Bath Strategic Site Allocation

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