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Two school building projects overseen by the Development and Major Projects Team have won a whole host of awards recognising excellence in building design, quality and community involvement.  Six awards were won overall for Writhlington School, Batheaston CoE Primary School which also was the winner of the South West Royal Insitute of Chartered Surveyors Community Benefit category and Winner of the West of England Local Authority Building Control Building Excellence award.


The Government launched the Primary Capital Programme, a major commitment to capital investment in Primary Schools nationally over the next 14 years, which seeks to address the most pressing needs of 50% of schools.

Through the programme the Government aims to support transformation in learning and teaching in primary education by helping Local Authorities to improve or rebuild at least 50% of their schools. The aim is to address the national objectives of providing equal access to quality school places and raise educational standards. This will ensure that buildings are not only functional and flexible enough to adapt to 21st Century learning needs but are inspiring to pupils, teachers and the wider community.

Technology is a key factor both within and outside the school environments will continue to transform the way learners and educators access information, communicate and collaborate. The transformation of practice will change the way spaces are used in schools and therefore the types of spaces required.

Development & Major Projects managed three of the four projects in the Bath & North East Somerset area, the schools prioritised for the first phase of the programme are Weston All Saints Primary School, Batheaston Primary School and Midsomer Norton Primary School.


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