Alcohol and drug misuse

Are you, or is someone you know, dealing with drug, substance or alcohol addiction? This is an extremely challenging situation to be in, whether it is your own addiction or someone else’s.

But there is help available to support you to deal with your own addiction or someone else’s in Bath and North East Somerset. Our team at the council works in partnership with other local organisations to support any of our residents who are affected by drug/substance and/or alcohol abuse.

Dementia and memory loss

Have you, or has someone close to you got dementia or recently been diagnosed with dementia? There are many kinds of dementia including Alzheimer's Disease, which is the most common kind. It affects everyone differently. Broadly, the effects of dementia or Alzheimer’s are:

Learning disabilities

Having a learning disability means you understand information and communicate in a different way. It may affect your ability to do things like working, learning or managing at home. You may find that other people don’t always understand you. We want to support you to live as independently as possible.