Are you, or is someone you know, dealing with drug, substance or alcohol addiction? This is an extremely challenging situation to be in, whether it is your own addiction or someone else’s.

But there is help available to support you to deal with your own addiction or someone else’s in Bath and North East Somerset. Our team at the council works in partnership with other local organisations to support any of our residents who are affected by drug/substance and/or alcohol abuse.

Drug and alcohol services in Bath and North East Somerset are delivered with targeted support through GP Surgeries as well as community-based group support. Clients with complex needs will also have access to psychiatric and psychological support. The aim is to support as many individuals as possible to full recovery.

If you are with someone who has taken an overdose, dial 999 immediately

 Wellbeing Options

Well Aware

Wellbeing Options supports people in Bath and North East Somerset to live full and independent lives. Here you will find information about local care providers, services and activities, along with links to other useful websites and resources