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Full business case

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Bath’s Clean Air Zone

Full Business Case - Summary of Documents

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Full Business Case

The final, full business case to be submitted to central government, setting out the need for and details of the scheme and justifying the requested funding investment


Signage, Boundary, Camera Plans

Detailed drawings of the boundary, camera locations and signage locations

Sign Face Designs P3 (1201)

Signage at and within the boundary

Sign Face Designs P3 (1202)

Signage in advance of boundary

Overview plan of signage P1

Map showing where signage will be placed

Clean Air Zone Signage Strategy

Details of the planned signage strategy, including JAQU guidance and recommended sign faces

Clean Air Zone Boundary Updates

Logs the CAZ boundary changes and the reasons behind them

Proposed System Design Features and Payment Exemptions

Consideration of system design features and the payment exemptions/concessions which were considered

Technical and Functional Requirements for the Bath Clean Air Zone System

Charts the flow of data within the CAZ back office system and details the technical and functional requirements of the CAZ

Stakeholder Management and Engagement Plan

Summary of the key stakeholders for the project, details of the engagement and communications work undertaken and the plans for future engagement

Options Assessment Report

Summary of the selection of the preferred option, including both charging and non-charging measures

Queen Square Traffic Management

Assessment of traffic management options at Queen Square and detailed design proposals

AQ2 Local Plan Air Quality Modelling Methodology Report

Details of the air quality modelling methodology

AQ3 Air Quality Modelling Report

Details of the air quality modelling results

T3 Local Plan Transport Modelling Methodology Report

Details of the transport modelling methodology

ANPR Data Analysis and Application

Summary of the ANPR surveys and details of the data analysis for use in the FBC

G-Bath Highway Model Local Model Validation Report: Addendum: LGV and HGV Validation

Details of additional model validation work to ensure LGV and HGV flows are accurate

Primary Behavioural Response Calculation Methodology

Details of how the behavioural responses of non-compliant vehicles have been calculated

T4 Transport Modelling Forecast Report

Details of the modelling process of future year scenarios, and the corresponding results

E1: Economics Appraisal Methodology Report

Details the methodology of economic assessment, including the approach, key assumptions and the model structure

Distributional and Equalities Impact Analysis

An assessment of the positive and negative benefits of the preferred option on key socio-demographic groups

Explanatory Note on CAZ System Cost Estimates

Derivation of capital and revenue cost estimates for the CAZ

Draft Charging Order

Draft legal documentation which would implement the CAZ

Bath CAP Infrastructure Work Programme

Project Plan from now through to CAZ operation

Stated Preference Survey Report

Details of the stated preference surveys undertaken to determine localised response rates of car or van drivers to a potential charging zone

Quantified Risk Assessment

Modelling of all known quantifiable risks

Sensitivity Testing Technical Note

Summary of sensitivity tests undertaken, adjusting known assumptions in the transport and air quality modelling

Engagement Summary Report

A summary of engagement activities to date including all identified issues, views and comments, with responses.

Environmental Assessment

High level assessment of potential environmental impacts of the proposed scheme besides air quality improvements

Outline Business Case Consultation (OBC) Report

Summary of the consultation at OBC stage

Outline Business Case Consultation (OBC) Consultation Response Report

Summary of the responses to feedback from the consultation at OBC stage

FBC Consultation Report

Summary of the consultation at FBC stage

Evaluation, Monitoring and Benefits Realisation Plan

Details of how the benefits of the scheme will be monitored, evaluated and realised

Letter from S151 Officer

Letter setting out the council's postition with respect to finance

Clean Air Fund Report

The funding request submitted to central government to set out the need for the proposed mitigation measures to support those affected by the CAZ.

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