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The zone boundary

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The zone boundary

The approved zone includes the centre of Bath, but air quality will meet legal limits across the whole city.

Please note that several changes have been made to the zone since we consulted the public in autumn 2018. 

Below you can see more detailed maps showing where the boundary comes into effect and proposed signage and camera placements.

These are also available at our consultation events. 

Boundary changes - March 2019:

  • Inclusion of Pulteney Estates residents association area
  • Exculsion of Cranhill Road and Rivers Road
  • Inclusion of Oldfield Road/A367 junction area
  • Inclusion of Bathwick Estates residents association area
  • Inclusion of Sydney Gardens residents association area

It was also agreed to monitor the traffic flows in Bathampton to see if any future traffic management measures are required as a result of the CAZ. For further details see the consultation response report in the OBC documents

Boundary changes - June 2019

We're proposing that the boundary is now extended from Sydney Road to the canal at Bathwick Hill, taking in the following streets:

  • Sydney Wharf
  • Raby Mews
  • Sydney Mews
  • Raby Place/Bathwick Hill (west of the canal)

This is to reduce the impact of signage and cameras on the amenity of the area and to align with the existing residents' parking zone (RPZ). It will also prevent non-compliant vehicles (owned by residents and non-residents) from parking only in the area of the RPZ that would otherwise be left outside of the zone. 

Please refer to the boundary update report (Sept 2019). 

Sign and camera placements

This map illustrates where we propose to place CAZ signage and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras in the zone. If you'd like to discuss these with a team member, please attend a consultation event. More information is also available in our consultation leaflet. 

Boundary Map with signs and cameras

To zoom in, please see full sized map (.pdf 3.23MB)

Boundaries in detail 

Please refer to the boundary key and click on the corresponding list of links below to open boundary maps in more detail.

boundary key map

More information

Overview of the scheme

How we reached this decision

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