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Support and mitigation

We’ll be supporting those affected by the zone with a range of initiatives - funded by central government - to encourage the uptake of cleaner, more sustainable travel and transport.

This includes a financial assistance scheme to help those affected by charges to upgrade non-compliant vehicles.

Approved initiatives

To date we’ve been successful in securing up to £10 million to invest in the following:

See investment table

Further initiatives 

When the full business case is submitted to the government later in the year, we hope to secure additional funds for the following measures:

See initiatives table

Reinvesting revenue from the zone

In the future, any revenue from the scheme will be invested in initiatives that encourage a shift towards more sustainable transport and travel among all motorists – including car drivers.

In the first five years, the council does not expect to generate much – if any – net revenue over and above the costs of running the scheme. However, our intention is to form a steering group of councillors and representatives from business and other interest groups to help review and prioritise proposals.

Please refer to annexe 5 of the draft charging order to read how we might invest any revenue. 

More information

Financial assistance scheme


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