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Coronovirus (COVID 19) update

In light of government guidance, Bath’s clean air zone (scheduled for November 2020) will not go live before January 2021. We’re waiting for a recommended start date from the government. In the meantime, please email with any questions or concerns.

If you need urgent financial support for your business as a result of the lockdown, please visit the Invest in Bath website.

What support is available?

We want cleaner, healthier air across Bath as soon as possible. So alongside the charging clean air zone, we’re putting in place a range of support that will encourage the use of greener, more sustainable transport across the area.

This includes financial assistance to help those affected by charges to upgrade to a compliant fleet or vehicle (rather than pay to drive in the zone), plus practical support to help businesses develop greener transport and delivery plans.

To talk to an advisor about accessing this support, please register your interest today. We’ll contact you directly once the final plan for the zone has been approved in Spring.

Financial assistance for businesses/individuals

If you’re affected by charges in the zone, you may be eligible for an interest free grant or loan to upgrade individual vehicles or fleets.

This finance can be used to replace non-compliant taxis, PHVs, vans (including campervans and pick-ups), LGVs, buses, minibuses, coaches and HGVs. Finance is also available to purchase electric vehicles and install electric charging points.

The finance scheme will be open for applications in early 2020. Local businesses and individuals regularly traveling into the zone or with premises in the zone, and those from neighbouring authorities, are encouraged to register their interest now.

Find out more about financial assistance

Concessions and exemptions

Please check our range of concessions and exemptions aimed to support community transport, health workers, disabled people, emergency services and owners/operators of hard to replace vehicles.

Cleaner buses across the area

Grants are already being awarded to local bus companies to retrofit or repower older, non-compliant buses providing scheduled services.

We expect all of these buses to be compliant by the zone’s launch.

More EV charging points

We are bidding for funds to install 60 rapid- and 60 fast-charge points in the city to support the uptake of electric vehicles and extra charging points for electric taxis.

Advice and practical support

From Spring 2020, advisors will be available to help residents and businesses to access the financial support on offer and to give practical advice on how to plan for greener, more sustainable transport and deliveries. If you’d like to talk to an advisor, please register your interest today.

Further support for clean air

We're also bidding for funds for anti-idling enforcement to discourage drivers from running their engines while waiting – especially near schools – and weight restriction enforcement to discourage inappropriate rat-running once the zone is in place.

Investing in sustainable transport

Any revenue from the zone will be invested in initiatives that encourage all motorists to adopt more sustainable ways of getting around – including car drivers.

We all have a part to play in improving air quality, and we hope to make it easier for everyone to easily get around in cleaner, greener ways.

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