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Queen Square

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Queen Square proposals

Without managing the flow of traffic at Queen Square, a class C CAZ (exempting private cars from charges) would not be capable of reducing NO2 to within legal limits in the timescale required.

We’re therefore proposing to temporarily reduce traffic flows through Queen Square and Gay Street with traffic lights. This measure will be removed once compliance is achieved.

See also How we reached this decision.

How will it work?

New traffic lights will be placed at the junctions with the A367 Chapel Row/Princes Street and at Queen Square Place.

We’ll also seek to improve the space with better footways, priority for cyclists, and traffic light crossings.

What’s the impact?

This is predicted to divert some vehicles along Julian Road, Marlborough Buildings and Cavendish Road, and create a small increase in NO2 levels at Whiteway Road, Rush Hill, and Lansdown Lane.

However levels of NO2 are not expected to exceed the legal threshold at these locations or in any other area of Bath.

Overall a class C CAZ ensures fewer negative impacts on a wide range of people (including disadvantaged groups) than a class D CAZ which would have charged drivers of all non-compliant cars.

For more information see the Distribution and Equalities Impact Analysis in the Outline Business Case.

In future, as part of wider plans to improve our environment, our goal is to restrict through-traffic along the south and east sides of historic Queen Square and this will be subject to a separate public consultation in due course.

More information

How we reached this decision


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