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News and street work update

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News and street works update

Here you can catch up on the latest CAZ news, and keep up-to-date with the scheduled street work that’s required to install cameras, cabling and signage around the zone’s boundary.

Installation of CAZ cameras and signs will begin from January 2020 after the details of the scheme are finally approved in December. However, limited work is required from autumn 2019 to ensure we remain on track to reduce NO2 pollution to within legal limits by 2021. 

Latest news 

18/09/2019 - Final consultation on Bath’s Clean Air Zone

04/09/2019 - Cabinet updated on Bath’s Clean Air Zone

26/07/2019 Funding announcement for Bath’s Clean Air Zone

Street work digest

1/10/2019Automatic traffic count (ATC)

To understand the impact of the CAZ, we need to gather baseline information prior to the scheme being in place. A temporary ATC survey is required to form part of the baseline information for the CAZ. This survey records numbers of vehicles passing a certain location and will last for 14 days. The equipment comprises pneumatic tubes laid across the road, with a box on the footway/pavement to record the counts, at approximately 80 locations around the city. To see the results of earlier traffic counts go to frequently asked questions (Air quality and traffic count data).

12/10/2019 – Westmoreland Road

We’re preparing a site at Westmoreland Road to test how data is passed from the zone’s cameras back to the council offices for analysis. To ensure this technology works as intended, we’re installing a camera at Westmoreland Road over the weekends of 12/13 October and 19/20 October 2019 and connecting it back to the Council’s fibre optic cable at Pines Way. This is happening now to ensure we remain on track to reduce nitrogen dioxide (NO2) pollution to within legal limits by 2021 at the latest.


Who should I contact about work on my street?

If you’re concerned about the work scheduled or happening on your street, please email:

To see a large map of where signs and cameras will be placed and close ups of the zone boundary areas, see zone boundary.

More information

Queen Square

Zone Boundary

Signs and cameras

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