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Overview of the scheme

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Bath's clean air zone

A class C clean air zone will see charges for most higher emission vehicles driving in the centre of Bath from early 2021 (delayed from Nov 2020). 

Private cars and motorbikes will not be charged, even if they're used for work. However, drivers of cars registered between March 2001 and January 1980 (classed PLG on a V5 form) will need to apply for an exemption to avoid charges.

To meet the strict air quality targets set for us, we're also introducing measures to reduce the flow of traffic into Queen Square and Gay Street.

A financial assistance scheme is available to help those affected by charges to upgrade their vehicles.

The plan has been shaped by feedback from public consultations in autum 2018 and autumn 2019.

Please now check your vehicle to see if you'll be charged and email any questions to

The zone boundary

The zone includes the centre of Bath, but air quality would improve across the whole city. The boundary has been amended since the original consultation in autumn 2018 to take account of feedback and for further technical reasons.

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Charges and charging policy

Charges will only apply to higher emission vehicles that don’t meet Bath’s minimum emission standards

Cars (excluding taxis/PHVs) and motorbikes will not be charged in the zone, regardless of their emission standards. However, drivers of cars registered between March 2001 and January 1980 (classed PLG on a V5 form) will need register with the council ahead of the zone's launch. See below.

Charges will be £100 a day for non-compliant buses, coaches and HGVs and £9 a day for non-compliant taxis, private hire vehicles, minibuses, light goods vehicles and vans (including pick-ups and campervans).

Charges will apply once in every 24-hour period when driving in the zone, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Exemptions and discounts apply.

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Registering vehicles

Certain vehicles must be registered with the council ahead of the zone's launch to avoid unecessary charges. These include:

  • Private cars that are were first registered between March 2001 and January 1980 (classed PLG on a V5 form)
  • Larger motorhomes and horseboxes classed PHGV on a V5 form, entitled to a reduced rate of £9 per day (rather than £100) 
  • Vehicles eligible for a local exemption including:  
    • Alternatively fueled vehicles
    • Hybrid vehicles with pre-euro 6 diesel or pre-euro 4 petrol engines 
    • Hard to replace and special vehicles
    • Vehicles used to support vulnerable groups including emergency vehicles

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Exemptions and discounts

National and local exemptions apply in the zone to support vulnerable groups and for hard-to-replace vehicles. If you're eligible for a local exemption or discount, you must register the vehicle before the zone is launched or at least 14 days before your trip.  

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Support is available to lessen the impact of the zone on the community and encourage a shift to more sustainable transport. This includes a financial assistance scheme to help local businesses and individuals affected by charges to upgrade non-compliant vehicles.

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Queen Square 

For this scheme to be compliant with the government’s directive, it's necessary to temporarily reduce traffic flows through Queen Square and Gay Street.

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