The following links will help you to report issues to the Council, find out about your responsibilities as a resident or business and inform you of the Council’s role in helping to keep our streets clean. If you wish to report a problem, please go to Report it.

Clean Streets Enforcement - What we are doing, how much you could get fined and how to pay your fixed penalty notice (FPN).

The following are removed by our crews as part of their next scheduled visit to clean the area, and so don’t need to be reported:

  • Flyposting
  • Litter    
  • Weeds
  • Leaf litter           
  • Litter on the highway

Frequently asked questions - street cleansing


Clean Streets Enforcement

What we are doing, how much you could get fined and how to pay your fixed penalty notice (FPN).

What are we doing?

Our Team of Environmental Enforcement Officers are working to increase our ability to tackle environmental crime in the district and raise awareness of the harm caused by Fly Tipping, Littering and Dog Fouling.

Environmental Enforcement Officers patrol across the district to take action on environmental crime and to increase environmental awareness. If you are caught committing an environmental crime you could be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice, or in more serious cases, prosecuted in a court of law.

What is 'environmental crime'?

Environmental crime has a negative impact on your local community and costs the Council and its tax payers tens of thousands of pounds each year in clear up costs.

Environmental Crimes include:

  • Dropping litter on the street or from your vehicle, this includes chewing gum and cigarette butts.
  • Graffiti
  • Fly-tipping
  • Not putting your domestic or commercial waste out properly
  • Not clearing up after your dog
  • Breach of a Community Protection Notice

How much can you be fined?


Penalty amount

Reduced rate if Paid with 14 days

Dropping litter in the street
Dropping litter from your vehicle
Failure to produce a waste transfer note for commercial waste
Not putting your domestic waste out properly
Not putting your commercial waste out properly
Not Clearing up your dog’s mess
Fly tipping
£400 N/A

Who has issued your FPN?

Your FPN may have been issued by 3GS or the Council

If an FPN has been issued by a 3GS Officer it will have the following logo on it:

If an FPN has been issued by an Officer employed directly by the Council it will have just the Council logo on it.


How to pay?

You all payments will need your:

  • Fixed Penalty Notice Number
  • Debit or Credit card


FPN Issued by 3GS:  You can pay via the following methods:


FPN Issued by the Council: Please follow the payment instructions at the end or back of the letter.

If you don't pay your FPN

If you don’t pay your FPN within 28 days, you could get taken to court,   where you could be fined and may get a criminal record.   

 Before any case is taken to court it is reviewed by the Legal Services department at the Council, and it is the Council that will issue documents to the Court.

Can I appeal my fixed penalty notice?

There is no formal appeal process for Fixed penalty notices issued for criminal behaviour, but 3GS and the Council will review all cases disputed.   To log a dispute please follow the instructions below:

FPN issued by 3GS: please contact 01256 898911 or email

FPN issued by the Council: please use the Council’s Complaint procedure.


If your fine relates to your domestic waste collection, or for dropping litter from your vehicle details of these appeal procedures will be on the FPN issued. 

If after reviewing all available evidence 3GS or the Council still believe an offence has been committed, they will explain the decision to you.

If you still disagree that you have committed an offence, you can decide not to pay the fixed penalty notice. This will then be referred to be dealt with through formal prosecution via the magistrate’s courts. It will then be up to the court to determine whether or not an offence was committed and whether or not any penalty should be imposed.


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