Litter Bin installations

We have approximately 885 litter bins installed on the public highway in Bath and North East Somerset; this does not include litter bins installed in parks and other open spaces.  The locations for litter bins installed on the highway can be identified by the unique code on the plaque attached to each unit.

If you need to report a full litter bin please go to Report it

Litter bin info

It costs approximately £344 to supply and install a standard litter bin at this time, please note this is dependent on the unit price of each litter bin and the condition of the location in which the litter bin is to be installed. It currently costs between £49 and £109 to relocate an existing litter bin.

The Council does not have funding to install any new litter bins in new locations nor empty from new sites at this time.  The Council has allocated capital funding to the replacement of damaged or worn out bins only.   

We do have litter bins in some areas that are underutilised. We will look to remove these and try to replace them at new locations if the new location has a greater need. 

If you see a litter bin that you think could be removed as it is not well used or badly damaged then please let us know by emailing Council Connect ( with the location number found on the plaque.

If you already have identified funding, or would like to raise funds to install and empty any new litter bins in your neighbourhood, we can certainly help remove the waste on a schedule.  Please do get in touch to discuss any ideas you may have by emailing us at

Recycling on the go

You can find dedicated recycling bins for paper, cans and plastic bottles in parts of Bath and Keynsham.

Litter only

Litter bins are for litter only.  They are NOT for household or commercial waste. Please put your household waste outside your property on you collection day.  Please go to Litter and the law for more information.

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