Below is a list of the various highway licences. All builders materials, containers, hoardings, skips and scaffolds need to be licenced if they are on or interfere with the adopted highway network. If you are surrounding a skip or scaffold with hoarding you need only apply for the hoarding licence. Excavation in the adopted highway network will require a licence.  Temporary traffic control or regulation also requires a highway licence. If the licence you are looking for does not appear in this list it may be found on the Licensing Services page.


Licences to place items on the Highway network

Banners across the highway

Building Materials and Containers on the highway

Scaffolds and Hoardings

Skip licences

Cherry Picker/Mobile Cranes


Licences for working in the Highway network

Excavation of the highway - Section 50 and Section 171

Footway Crossings (same licence as Dropped kerbs)

Dropped Kerbs (same licence as Footway crossings)


Traffic Management Licences

Temporary Traffic Regulation Order

Temporary Traffic Signals


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