Road safety improvements in Farrington Gurney


Farrington Gurney Parish Council and the local Ward Member have requested that a road safety scheme should be implemented along A362 at Sunnyside due to high traffic speeds, several minor accidents and a lack of pedestrian facilities

Following its inclusion on 15/16 BANES Transport Improvement programme preliminary design drawings have now been provided following initial conversations with the Parish Council and Ward Member, for the following engineering measures which we feel will address the local concerns mentioned above;

1.         A more formalised parking arrangement outside of Sunnyside; a known pinch point on A362 where residents consistently complain of damage being caused to parked vehicles and to include some form of formal priority system through this narrow section. Physical build outs (similar to the ones implemented on A39 in High Littleton) are desired to give parked vehicles some form of protection from oncoming traffic. Formal priority signs will also help traffic flow through this section where currently a lot of confusion/frustration is seen by drivers which can of course lead to accidents. Two options have been provided for this measure in which we are seeking comments from local residents and the Parish Council as to which would be preferred.

2.         The second measure is to provide improved pedestrian crossing facilities at the junction of A362 and Main Street. 

This scheme is due to be constructed within the 2015/16 financial year.


August 2015 - latest update

Following feedback received in relation to the preliminary design options; a final design (attached to this page) has now been produced to mitigate some of the concerns raised during the consultation.  The final design includes the following changes:

  • Removal of the western build out

  • Removal of the priority signs

  • Eastern build out brought westwards to mitigate forward visibility concerns raised in the Road Safety Audit

  • Provision of physical protection to the parked vehicles by small build outs

  • Pedestrian Refuge Island at Main Street junction that will allow HGV access to the Farm shop by widening existing kerb line at junction 

This amended proposal should mean traffic will not flow any worse than it currently does, parked vehicles will have protection and passing places will be present to avoid driver confusion and hesitation.

The next step will be to begin formal consultation on the required Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) for the necessary double yellow lines as part of the Sunnyside proposals.  




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