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Welcome to the Traffic Management Team webpages.

The Traffic Management Team are responsible for developing local policies aimed at improving the quality and safety of our streets and is a major function for the Council. This involves assessing local needs and priorities and consulting with local people and other interests on specific schemes and proposals.

Our work includes the following:

  • Local traffic management, such as traffic schemes, one way streets and cycle improvements.
  • Development of cycle routes, both traffic-free and on-street.
  • Pedestrian improvements, such as safer routes to schools and zebra / pedestrian crossings.
  • Local bus lanes and priority public transport routes.
  • Advice on highway issues for planning applications.
  • Access issues for pedestrians and disabled people.
  • New Traffic Signs and Road Markings for the traffic network.
  • Traffic Regulation Orders which are required for many different restrictions, for example yellow lines, waiting and loading, speed limits and weight/width restrictions.
  • Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders to allow essential or emergency works to be carried out on the highway, examples of TTRO's include road closures, waiting restrictions and weight restrictions.

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