A hidden gem - Innox Park is a local green space which offers a connection with nature as well beautiful views over the city and beyond.

Innox Park Panorama 


Innox Park, Shophouse Road, Bath, BA2 1ED.

Getting there

Visitors are encouraged to travel to the park on foot, by bike or public transport where possible.

There are good public transport links to Shophouse Road.

The train station at Oldfield Park is approximately 1.7miles walk to the east.

If you travel to the park by car please park considerately and observe any local parking restrictions.

Disabled access:

A surfaced path crosses the park and benches offer a place to rest.  The park occupies a steep site so does not otherwise lend itself to disabled access.  There are no toilet facilities at the park.

Facilities and Features:

Enjoy the views over Bath and see Lansdown from a different perspective

  • Find a moment of peace while the children let off steam spinning, swinging and climbing in the play area. Whatever your age, the hill is great for sledging during snowy weather!
  • Picnic by the meadow. Explore the wild flowers that don’t just look great – they provide an important source of nectar and pollen for insects.
  • Look out for bees and butterflies during the summer months. How many can you identify?
  • Discover farm animals, explore walking trails and visit the café and farm shop at Bath City Farm – just a short (but steep!) walk through the gates at the top of the park

Love your park

So that everyone can continue to enjoy Innox Park safely please follow this code of conduct:

  • Dogs are welcome. For the safety of young children please keep them under control and out of the fenced play area. Bagged dog faeces can be disposed of in any of the general waste bins.
  • Please help keep the park clean and tidy by using the litter bins or, even better, take your litter home for recycling.
  • For the safety of all visitors motorbikes are strictly prohibited in the park.

Park Improvement Project 2017-2019

In 2017 the Council's Parks and Open Spaces Department asked the community how the park could be improved.  The responses helped to create a proposal which led to the following works being completed:

  • New path through the park with solar lights
  • Improved entrances
  • Refurbishment of play area focusing on younger children
  • Improved ball games area
  • Community tree planting, new wild meadow areas and bulb planting
  • More seating around the park
  • New signs and noticeboards

The project was paid for using developer contributions linked to local building developments (section 106 payments)

Thank you to everyone who took part in the consultation and volunteered at the park.

Bathscape at Innox Park

Innox Park is part of Bath’s skyline – an important attribute of the city’s status as a world heritage city. For this reason, we’re working with Bathscape – a Heritage Lottery Fund supported project aimed at reconnecting people with the natural landscape surrounding Bath

The Bathscape Scheme brings together a broad partnership with a shared ambition to see the value of the landscape surrounding the city recognised and its threats addressed. Twenty five interconnected projects will bring the landscape centre stage, making it better managed and experienced. Bathscape aims to inspire a greater number and wider range of people to: explore the built and natural environments; become involved in its protection; and improve their health and wellbeing. Find out more about the Bathscape project by clicking here.

Friends of Innox Park

Would you like to be more involved in looking after the park, helping to organise events, raising money and having more of a say in its future?

You can find out more about Friends of Innox Park on their facebook page and twitter profile.

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