Protecting Your Information

·         What information do we have about you?

·         Your name, address, date of birth

·         The name of the school, college or university you go to

·         Information about how well you are doing

·         Who is supporting you and why

·         An accurate record of what has happened to you

Why do we have information about you?

·         To make sure that the staff in your school and the Children's Service have accurate, up to date information to plan support for you in the best way we can

·         To make sure that schools and the Children's Service meet the needs of local communities

·         To make sure that full information is available should you need another type of support, for example if you are referred to a specialist service

·         To make sure that your concerns can be properly looked into if you have a complaint

·         To make sure we have an accurate record if we have to review your support.

·         To check that everyone at your school is being supported well

·         To check that our staff are working well

Your information helps us to plan for the future both locally and nationally. It also allows us to monitor the way public money is spent.

Do you have to give us your information?

·         The law says we must have some basic information about you.

Do we share your information with other people?

·         To make sure you receive all the support you need we might share relevant information about you with other organisations. This enables everyone working to support you to have a balanced picture of your needs rather than just a snapshot view. It will also save you giving your details over and over again.

·         Wherever possible, we will talk to you before information is shared to ensure we act with your consent.  If we're unable to get your consent for any reason, we will only share information where we feel it is clearly in your best interests to do so. We will normally ask for your consent but there are times when we may need to share your information without your consent, for example: 

-    where there is a risk of harm or abuse to you or other people

-    where a serious crime, such as assault, is being investigated or where it could be prevented

-    to control infectious diseases such as meningitis, tuberculosis (TB) or measles

-    notification of a birth

-    where the courts have made a formal order

-    where there is a legal requirement, for example the DfE Annual Pupil Census

Information for managing and planning

We plan services with other organisations outside the Children's Service. When information is shared, it is passed securely and kept confidential by the people who receive it. It will only be used for the purpose for which it has been shared. We have to share basic information about you such as your name and address with:

·         Department for Education (DfE)

·         your new school if you move (Education Act 2002)

·         other local authority services

How is your information kept and shared?

Your information should always be shared in a respectful, quiet way and should be kept in a safe and private place. Everyone working for your school and the Children's Service has a legal duty to maintain the highest level of confidentiality. Generally your records will only be seen by those involved in supporting you. Where we can we don't use your name or address, although a few administrative processes need information that may identify you. 

Can you see the information we have about you?

If you wish to see or have a copy of your records, write to:

Mike Bowden, Strategic Director: People and Communities, Lewis House, Manvers Street, Bath, BA1 1JG.

If you wish to see or have a copy of your School Records, or for for further information about your school's individual policies contact the Headteacher of your school. You should be aware that in exceptional circumstances some information may be withheld to protect you from undue harm, or where a third party is involved. You will usually see all your information but very rarely there may be legal reasons why we cannot share everything with you

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