The Bespoke Street Furniture Project provides a range of timeless, high quality street furniture products including benches, bollards, cycle stands and lighting.  The bespoke approach enables the products to be designed to meet Bath’s specific functional requirements and to add to the city’s unique character and identity.

November 2016 - a number of bespoke cycle hoops at the corner of Lower Borough Walls/Stall Street have been removed for repairs. Temporary 'sheffield' type cycle stands have been put in place to maintain facilities for cyclists until the hoops can be re-secured.

The bronze and timber furniture products have been inspired by the Public Realm & Movement Programme Design Values and marry formality (geometry), informality (the romantic), craftsmanship and sustainability.

The Street Furniture Design Guide outlines the background research, place DNA, process, protocols and palettes from which the bespoke street furniture in Bath was born. It is intended as a resource to be used by developers of future projects to ensure consistency and integration with changing face of Bath's public realm. The guide can be used in conjunction with the City Information System Pattern Book that outlines the technical specifications and requirements for producing the graphic artwork for the City Information wayfinding system. 

The Street Furniture Design Guide was updated in January 2023 to include new Pattern Book street furniture types, which have been developed and delivered by the Bath High Street Renewal Programme, funded by the West of England Combined Authority.

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