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*This infomation is provided as guidance for Bath and North East Somerset Ward Councillors*

The Ward Councillor Empowerment Fund has been set up to provide every ward councillor with the sum of £1,000 to address concerns or needs in their local communities. The funds for this year can be accessed from 1st April 2021 with the deadline for applications being 31st January 2022. All projects will need to have a completion date of before 31st March 2022. This years fund is now closed, a map is available to view how the funding has been spent  by Ward Councillors over the last two years.

An application form and guidance notes have been produced for the fund and these are included in the documents section of this webpage.  An on-line application form has been produced to enable applications to be directly submitted without the need to print or download any forms. 

Points that Councillors need to consider when deciding how to allocate their funding are: - 

  • Discuss with local community, residents or neighbourhood groups, parish or town council to seek agreement and support for the priorities within your local area.
  • Work with local organisations including parish and town councils, on joint projects where co-funding becomes the enabler for delivery.
  • If projects require resources from a council service area, agreement must be received in writing before submitting your application.
  • All applications will be subject to approval and therefore funding should not automatically be assumed or pledged until written confirmation is provided.
  • Take time to read the guidance notes that have been provided before making your application.  
  • Talk with the Community Engagement Team if you need advice on your ideas, if you are unsure we will be able to talk through your idea and let you know what is possible. 

The diagram below is a reminder of the the Council values that are set out in the Core Strategy. This is to assit you when you are consideringhow to allocate your funding.

The range of projects were submitted during the last scheme with over 150 different applications successfully receiving funds within local communities. A range of the successful ideas that received funding are listed below:

  • Equipment for schools
  • Sports including cycling,  football, swimming, basketball, bowls and tennis.
  • Tree Planting and improvemnets to Green Spaces.
  • Help for Community Halls and for the Community Groups that use these.
  • Playground and Skatepark Improvements
  • Youth Service and Playday Support
  • Local infrustructure including Waste Bins, Noticeboards, Benches, Signage
  • Life saving equipment including Lifebouy Cabinets and Defibrilators

All applications need to be submitted by the Ward Councillor to: - 

The Community Engagement Team, Bath & North East Somerset Council

By Post - Lewis House, Bath BA1 5AW 

By E-mail - 

or by Online Application Form

The community engagenment team are:

Dave Dixon –  01225 396532
Sara Dixon – 01225 396594
Alison Wells – 01225 396539
Mark Hayward – 01225 396975  

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