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Customer care

Customer Care 2018-2019 Q4 Jan - Mar

Customer care 2018-2019 Q3 Oct - Dec

Customer care 2018-2019 Q2 Jul - Sep

Customer care 2018-2019 Q1 Apr - Jun



Annual performance review 2018-2019

Annual performance review 2017-2018

Homesearch lettings & wait times 2018-2019

Homesearch lettings & wait times 2017-2018

Homelessness Partnership Report 2014-2018

Housing Services Performance Indicators Q4 - 2019 -2020

Housing Services Performance Indicators Q1 - 2019 - 2020

Housing Services Performance Indicators Q4 - 2018 -2019

Housing Services Performance Indicators Q3 - 2018 -2019


Allocation Scheme Homesearch 2020

Allocation Scheme Gypsy & Traveller 2016 (PDF 307 kb) 

B&NES Residential Tenancy Policy

Charging Policy 2020 (PDF 212 kb)

Decent Homes Policy (grants and loans for housing and health interventions) (PDF 314 kb)

Designated Persons Policy 2013 (Registered Provider Tenant Complaints) (Word 41 kb)

Empty Property Policy (PDF 748 kb)

Enforcement and Licensing Policy (PDF 268 kb)

Homefinder Scheme 2020 (private sector access) (PDF 459 kb)

Reconnection Policy (helping to reconnect rough sleepers to their home authority) (PDF 570 kb)

Non Co-operation Policy (PDF 544 kb)

Temporary Accommodation Placement Policy  (PDF 520 kb)

ECO Flexible Eligibility Statement of Intent July 2019

Planning Policy

Property Condition and Defects Checklist

Statement of Intent for EC04

B&NES Statement of Intent ECO4 March 2023


Homelessness Strategy 2019-2024  

Tenancy Strategy 2018-2025


Joint Strategic Needs Assessment 

House Prices and Tenure

House Conditions

House Conditions Survey 2016

Fuel Poverty


Ill Health and Disability

Socio-economic Inequality

Travellers and Gypsy Travellers

Housing Stock Energy Efficiency Assessment (PDF 2.74mb)



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