Managing your weightweight management

Being the right weight for you height will help you stay healthy. Although many people put on weight as they get older, this can be avoided by building more activity into your daily routine and by eating a healthy diet.  

Is your weight affecting your lifestyle and your health?

There are a range of free local programmes for adults either face to face, via an app or online to support you to achieve your goals.

From Man v Fat Football sessions, Slimming World groups, online support from a health coach, leisure centre-based food and physical activity sessions, App based support or online challenges, there’s something for everyone.

To talk to our wellbeing advisors about a programme to suit your needs call our wellbeing service on 0300 247 0050 (Freephone) or talk to your GP/nurse who will advise on the best programme for you and make a referral.

Are you concerned about your child’s weight? Would you like to improve your cooking skills?

For information on our locally provided free programmes for children, and food and health courses for families please visit: 

Call free on 0300 247 0050 to talk to a wellbeing advisor now



For information on the NHS free weight loss plan, BMI calculator, Easy Meals App and other weight loss support please visit

Speak to your GP or local health professional for information and support.

CookingHealthy Cooking

Knowing how to cook is a fundamental skill that enables you to cook tasty, affordable and healthy meals from scratch.

  • The NHS recipe pages provide lots of recipes and advice to eat well
  • Check out the Cardiologist’s Kitchen for tasty, heart – healthy recipes
  • Keep it Simple Cookery is a Big Barn initiative to help people find recipes using seasonal, cheaper ingredients. You can browse the videos or upload your own and become the next famous TV chef!

Find Local Food

A directory of local producers and local food retailers can be found on the BigBarn website.

Using the BigBarn website you can search for local retailers and also buy local food online!

Find out what foods are in season at

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