Whilst we recognise that the majority of dog walkers within Bath and North East Somerset act responsibly and clean up after their dog, a minority of people still fail to do so and this causes problems within the area.

Dog fouling is widely considered to be the most offensive type of litter on our streets and green spaces, being both visually unpleasant and also potentially dangerous with the threat of contracting Toxocariasis - a very real risk to the public, particularly the young.

How can I report fouling?

Report Dog Fouling online

Report Dog Fouling by phone on 01225 39 40 41


The Dog warden service will investigate incidences of fouling where the following criteria apply:

  • The fouling has been witnessed by someone who is willing to provide their details.
  • The alleged perpetrator can be identified.
  • The person reporting the incident is willing to provide a witness statement and attend court (if required).

Specifically, we will want to know:

  • The name and address of any offender (if known).
  • A description of the person in control of the dog.
  • A description of the dog.
  • Any other identifiable features such as car registration.
  • Your name, address, telephone and email address.
  • Where it happened and date and time of the incident.

What the Dog Warden Service will do

It is an offence under The Dogs (Fouling of Land Act) 1996 to allow your dog to foul and not pick up the mess.  Dog Wardens are authorised to issue Fixed Penalty Notices of £50 to anyone caught failing to pick up their dog’s mess.  This may also lead to prosecution if the case goes to court.

Who is responsible?

It is the responsibility of the person in charge of the dog at the time the fouling occurs to pick up the mess.  This is not always the dog owner.  Not having a bag, or not being aware that the dog has fouled is not an adequate defence.


  • Carry a bag to keep the dog mess in.  You can use nappy bags/carrier bags etc.  Alternatively train your dog to foul at home in the garden.
  • Supervise your dog so that you know if it has fouled.
  • Dispose of the bag in an appropriate bin.  This can be a dog waste bin, litter bin or domestic waste bin at home.  Do not leave the bag on the floor, trees, fence etc.  This is unsightly and also counts as littering.
  • Take the mess home if you can’t find a bin.

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