Step-by-step support for anyone interested in adoption
Childcare, Information and Support for your Family
girl doing arts and crafts
A wide range of information for families with children and young people
Children and Young People's Specialist Service
Child, lady and man
Children and Young People's Specialist Service
Children in care and leaving care
adult hand holding childs hand
Advice and support for all looked after children
Children's Centres
Children's Centres
Your Early Childhood Team
Children's Workforce Training
Training for those working with Children and Young People
Connecting Families
Young mother cuddling her baby on a play mat
Supporting Families to make Positive Change
Early Help Assessment (EHA) Previously CAF
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Working together to offer families early help and support
Early Help Services
Early Help logo
Providing support to children and young people
Family Information and Advice Service - SEND
family with a disabled child
Information and support for families
Step-by-step support for anyone interested in fostering
Safeguarding and Child Protection
hand with paper cut outs of children in - protecting
Safeguarding and supporting children and families
SEND Local Offer
SEND Reform
Strategies, Policies & Planning
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More details on our approach towards children, young people and families
Theraplay® - A child and family therapy
Working with Children in the Early Years
A child looking through a cardboard tube
Training, resources and support for the early years workforce
Working with Fathers
Celebrate and involve fathers in children's lives
Youth Connect
Youth Connect
Youth Connect is the name for young people’s services