If you are paying for all your own care (ie. a self-funder) and not eligible for Council support, it’s a good idea to get some expert advice from an independent financial adviser.

Independent financial advisers can help you plan ahead to ensure you have the finance in place to pay for care as and when the need arises.

There are specialist financial advisers who deal with paying for care and support.

Have you spoken to someone yet to get some information and advice about care and support to make life easier? If you have already been found to have eligible needs, you will be means tested. If your means test shows that you need to pay for all your care, you can find information here on the financial advice providers in this area.

You can contact the Society of Later Life Advisers (SoLLA) direct on 0845 303 2909. This not-for-profit organisation provides information about local care cost advisers in your area.

You can research the cost of care by contacting individual residential care homes and care at home providers.

Money Advice 
also provides information on your options for funding care.

The Association of Independent Care Advisers can also signpost you to someone who can help.

Christians Against Poverty - free debt advice for anyone struggling with debt