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Minimum emission standards

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Minimum emission standards

In Bath’s class C clean air zone, private cars and motorbikes will not be charged.

However, most other vehicles will have to meet Bath’s minimum emission standards to drive without charge in the zone at the end of 2020.

These standards are in line with the government’s Clean Air Zone Framework.

Bath’s minimum emission standards

If your vehicle meets the following minimum emission standards for Bath, you’ll be able to drive freely (without charge) in the zone:

  • Euro 6/VI (or newer) diesel vehicles registered from c. 2015
  • Euro 4/IV (or newer) petrol vehicles registered from c.2006
  • Electric vehicles
  • Hybrid vehicles
  • Alternatively fuelled vehicles

This includes modified or retrofitted vehicles that can be shown to meet our minimum emission standards. However, drivers of these vehicles may have to register with us next year to avoid an automatic charge (see enforcement policy and concessions).

For more detail on minimum emission standards for diesel and petrol vehicles, please download the following table:

How will I know if my vehicle is compliant?

The DVLA is developing an online vehicle checker that will tell you whether or not your vehicle is compliant in a particular zone, including Bath’s CAZ. Meanwhile, we strongly recommend that you check your V5 log book or contact your vehicle’s manufacturer to confirm its euro standard.

Charges for non-compliant vehicles

If your taxi, PHV, van, bus, coach or HGV does not meet Bath’s minimum emission standards i.e. the vehicle is higher emission/non-compliant, you will be charged to drive in the zone.

Non-compliant vehicles are:

  • Pre euro 6/VI or equivalent diesel vehicles (older than c.2015)
  • Pre euro 4/IV or equivalent petrol vehicles (older than c.2006)

Charges will apply midnight to midnight, every day of the year:

  • £100 per day for non-compliant buses, coaches and HGVs
  • £9 per day for non-compliant taxis, private hire vehicles, and LGVs and vans (including pick-ups, campervans and minibuses)

Exemptions and concessions apply.

See at a glance what vehicles will be charged.

What is a euro standard?

A euro standard (e.g. Euro 6/VI) represents the amount of pollution emitted by a vehicle’s exhaust. A higher euro number indicates that the engine is newer and its emissions are cleaner. A lower euro number means the engine is older and more polluting. Diesels create more NO2 than petrol vehicles.

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